Politics of Food Insecurity in Canada and the United Kingdom

Edited by Dennis Raphael,Zsofia Mendly-Zambo

ISBN13: 9781447370680

Imprint: Policy Press

Publisher: Bristol University Press


Published: 07/01/2025

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Addressing a neglected area in academic research, media coverage and public understanding, this book takes a critical political economy approach to understanding food insecurity in Canada and the UK. It examines how current economic and political systems create food insecurity and why food charity does little to address the problem, diverting the attention of policy makers, the media and the public from the sources of food insecurity. This book provides a vision of a future whereby public control over the distribution of resources –including food – will eliminate food insecurity and other conditions that threaten health.
Foreword by Dave Beck 1. Introducing the politics of food insecurity - Dennis Raphael 2. Food insecurity in Canada and the United Kingdom - Zsofia Mendly-Zambo 3. Food banks, food diversion, and other responses - Dennis Raphael 4. Charity and capitalism - Nicola Livingstone and Lucy Natarajan 5. Implications and the way forward - Toba Bryant 6. Conclusion - Zsofia Mendly-Zambo and Dennis Raphael
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  • Food & society
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