Vulnerabilities in Paid Care Work
Transnational Experiences, Insights and Voices

Edited by Sophie Bowlby,Marjut Jyrkinen,Mandisa Malinga,Kathy Sanderson

ISBN13: 9781447373032

Imprint: Policy Press

Publisher: Bristol University Press


Published: 01/01/2025

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The need for paid care workers to provide professional, good quality care for those needing daily support continues to grow throughout the world. This book explores the recent experiences of diverse paid care workers in four very different national contexts – Finland, Canada, South Africa and England – to learn from their experiences during COVID-19 and its aftermath. Drawing on care workers’ own perspectives, this book shows how recruitment and retention of paid care workers remains challenging due to the pandemic and demographic changes, their precarious labour market position, low pay and the difficulties of delivering care.
1. Care and Vulnerabilities: Ideas, Concepts and Methods – Marjut Jyrkinen, Sophie Bowlby, Mandisa Malinga and Ryan Hron 2. Vulnerabilities in the Lives of Older and Younger Domiciliary Care Workers During a Cost-of-Living Crisis -Caitlin Bawn, Sophie Bowlby, Linda McKie and Dilesh Shah 3. Gender, Migration and Its Intersections: Domestic Workers’ Stories of Care – Carmine Rustin, Floretta Boonzaier and Mandisa Malinga 4. Autonomy and Relationships: Long-Term Retention of Home Care Workers – Kathy Sanderson and Ryan Hron 5. Vulnerabilities in Care Work: Perspectives of Foreign-Born and LGBT Care Workers – Tytti Steel, Jukka Lehtonen, Marjut Jyrkinen and Liina Lohikoski 6. Conclusion: Reconceptualizing Precarity and Agency: New Ways Forward – Kathy Sanderson, Cailtin Bawn, Floretta Boonzaier and Jukka Lehtonen
  • Social welfare & social services
  • Illness & addiction: social aspects
  • General (US: Trade)
  • Professional & Vocational
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