New Religious Movements in North America
An Introduction

Edited by Lydia Willsky-Ciollo

ISBN13: 9781350406674

Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC


Published: 08/08/2024

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What is a new religious movement, and why is the study of New Religious Movements in North America important? This book explores these key questions and introduces some of the key theoretical concerns when discussing new religious movements, known more pejoratively as “cults.” Among the new religious movements explored in this book are the Church of Scientology, the Branch Davidians, the Nation of Islam, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Topics covered include yoga, contemporary wellness and spirituality, the American Atheist, Environmentalism, Covid-19, and the anti-cult movement in America. All of these examples are explored with an eye to answering not only “what new religious movements are” but why it is important to learn and talk about new religious movements. Over 75 illustrations are included throughout and each chapter contains suggested further reading and a glossary of key terms and concepts. The chapters in this book were first published in the digital collection Bloomsbury Religion in North America. Covering North America’s diverse religious traditions, this digital collection provides reliable and peer-reviewed articles and ebooks for students and instructors. Learn more and get access for your library at
1. Overview, Lydia Ciollo (Fairfield University, USA) 2. ‘Old’ Religious Elements in New Religious Movements, Kristian Klippenstein (University of Alberta, Canada) 3. New Sacred Texts, Gene V. Gallagher (Connecticut College, USA) 4. The Anti-Cult Movement in North America, Massimo Introvigne (Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR), Italy) 5. The American Atheist, Ryan Burge (Eastern Illinois University, USA) and Michael Drigger (Eastern Illinois University, USA) 6. New Religious Movements and the First Amendment, Joe Laycock (Texas State University, USA) 7. New Religious Movements, New Media, and Religious Innovation, Chris Miller (University of Waterloo, Canada) 8. Sex Trafficking and New Religious Movements in America, Philippa Juliet Meek-Smith (University of Exeter, UK) 9. Environmentalism, Ecological Activism, Theology, and New Religious Movements, Morgan Shipley (Michigan State University, USA) 10. Yoga, Wellness and Contemporary Spirituality, Roopa Bala Singh (California State University, Monterey Bay) 11. Gender in Neopaganisms, Jennifer Snook (Grinnell College, USA) 12. Covid-19 and New Religions, Holly Folk (Western Washington University, USA) 13. Church of Scientology, Donald A. Westbrook (San Jose State University, USA) 14. Islam is (not) a cult, Hussein Rashid (independent scholar, USA) 15. Baptism for the Dead: The history of the Mormons’ most audacious and controversial ritual, Max Perry Mueller (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA) 16. Conspiracy Theories as Religion,Susannah Crockford Susannah Crockford (University if Exeter, UK) Glossary Index
  • Contemporary non-Christian & para-Christian cults & sects
  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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