Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences, Global Edition (6 ed)

By (author) Alan Agresti

ISBN13: 9781292449197

Imprint: Pearson Education Limited

Publisher: Pearson Education Limited



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For courses in Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences . Statistical methods applied to social sciences, made accessible to all through an emphasis on concepts Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences introduces statistical methods to students majoring in social science disciplines. With an emphasis on concepts and applications, this book assumes you have no previous knowledge of statistics and only a minimal mathematical background. It contains sufficient material for a two-semester course. The 6th Edition gives you examples and exercises with a variety of “real data.” It includes more illustrations of statistical software for computations and takes advantage of the outstanding applets to explain key concepts, such as sampling distributions and conducting basic data analyses. It continues to downplay mathematics–often a stumbling block for students–while avoiding reliance on an overly simplistic recipe-based approach to statistics.
Introduction Sampling and Measurement Descriptive Statistics Probability Distributions Statistical Inference: Estimation Statistical Inference: Significance Tests Comparison of Two Groups Analyzing Association between Categorical Variables Linear Regression and Correlation Introduction to Multivariate Relationships Multiple Regression and Correlation Model Building with Multiple Regression Logistic Regression: Modeling Categorical Responses An Introduction to Advanced Methodology
  • Probability & statistics
  • Social research & statistics
  • Economic statistics
  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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