Perceptions and Representations of the Malagasy Environment Across Cultures (1st ed. 2023)

Edited by Gwyn Campbell,Jacques Pollini,Frank Muttenzer

ISBN13: 9783031238352

Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan

Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG

Format: Hardback

Published: 29/06/2023

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This book examines the history and impact of environmental change in Madagascar. Drawing on interdisciplinary, ethnographic perspectives, the book presents local and global perspectives on current environmental changes and their drivers, from mining to development and deforestation. The book emphasizes the embeddedness of Malagasy peoples' social relationships with the natural environment, and contrasts this with the way the Malagasy environment is viewed by international conservation organizations. Through the presentation of concrete case studies, the contributors assess the current controversy over the history and nature of human impact on the environment in Madagascar, and offer innovatory insights into how these controversies, which plague current policy making, can be settled.
1. Perceptions and representations of the Malagasy environment by Gwyn Campbell, Jacques Pollini, and Frank Muttenzer.- 2.Natural resource struggles in south-eastern Madagascar by Antonie Lyshlm Kraemer.- 3. Discourses, development and legitimacy: Nature/culture dualisms in mining's engagement in biodiversity offsetting and conservation in Madagascar by Caroline Seagle.- 4. "Good" Forests and Ambiguous Fields: Cultural Dimensions of Agroforestry Landscapes by Sarah Osterhoudt.- 5. "Ecotourism does not make us rich": Sustainabilities, care and ecotourism among the Tsimihety in Northeast Madagascar by Jenni Moelkanen. -6. Experiences of volatility in carbon offset production by Sarah Pena Valderrama.- 7. Offset Life: Lemur Health in Landscapes of Extraction by Genese Marie Sodikoff.- 8. Perceptions and representations of deforestation in Madagascar: From cognitive dissonances to convergences by Jacques Pollini.- 9. Genuine Disagreement about Conservation by Frank Muttenzer.
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  • History: earliest times to present day
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