Japanese Ancient Origins
The Story Of Civilisation

By (author) Flame Tree Studio (Literature and Science)

ISBN13: 9781804175750

Imprint: Flame Tree Publishing

Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing

Format: Hardback

Published: 13/06/2023

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A gorgeous Collector's Edition covering the history of Japan from the early Jomon period to the Edo. Japan has gripped the imagination of readers of their spiritual and delicate myths, ghost stories and folktales for many generations but there is much more to draw our fascination. From the veneration of Mount Fuji to the long periods of isolation from other countries, to the warring kingdoms and the martial rule of the Shogunates, Japan followed its own path until increasing contact by Europeans between the 1500 and 1800s. Flame Tree Collector's Editions present the foundations of speculative fiction, authors, myths and tales without which the imaginative literature of the twentieth century would not exist, bringing the best, most influential and most fascinating works into a striking and collectable library. Each book features a new introduction and a Glossary of Terms.
  • History: earliest times to present day
  • Asian history
  • General (US: Trade)
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