Essays in Honor of Joon Y. Park
Econometric Theory

Edited by Yoosoon Chang,Sokbae Lee,J. Isaac Miller

ISBN13: 9781837532094

Imprint: Emerald Publishing Limited

Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited

Format: Hardback

Published: 24/04/2023

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Volumes 45a and 45b of Advances in Econometrics honor Joon Y. Park, Wisnewsky Professor of Human Studies and Professor of Economics at Indiana University. Professor Park has made numerous and substantive contributions to the field of econometrics since beginning his academic career in the mid-1980s and has held positions at Cornell University, University of Toronto, Seoul National University, Rice University, Texas A&M University, and Sungkyunkwan University. This first volume, Essays in Honor of Joon Y. Park: Econometric Theory, features contributions to econometric theory related to Professor Park's analysis of time series and particularly related to the research of the first two or so decades of his career.
Introduction; Yoosoon Chang, Sokbae Lee, and J. Isaac Miller Part I: Nonstationarity, Unit Roots, and Fractional Noise Chapter 1. Discrete Fourier Transforms of Fractional Processes with Econometric Applications; Peter C.B. Phillips Chapter 2. Asymptotic Properties of the Least Squares Estimator in Local to Unity Processes with Fractional Gaussian Noise; Xiaohu Wang, Weilin Xiao, and Jun Yu Chapter 3. Powerful Self-Normalizing Tests for Stationarity Against the Alternative of a Unit Root; Uwe Hassler and Mehdi Hosseinkouchack Chapter 4. A sequential Test for a Unit Root in Monitoring a p-th Order Autoregressive Process; Kohtaro Hitomi, Keiji Nagai, Yoshihiko Nishiyama, and Junfan Tao Part II: Nonlinearity Chapter 5. Functional-Coefficient Cointegrating Regression with Endogeneity; Han-Ying Liang, Yu Shen, and Qiying Wang Chapter 6. A Specification Test Based on Convolution-Type Distribution Function Estimates for Non-Linear Autoregressive Processes; Kun Ho Kim, Kira L. Koul, and Jiwoong Kim Chapter 7. Transformation Models with Cointegrated and Deterministically Trending Regressors; Yingqian Lin and Yundong Tu Chapter 8. Minimax Risk in Estimating Kink Threshold and Testing Continuity; Javier Hidalgo, Heejun Lee, Jungyoon Lee, and Myung Hwan Seo Part III: Inference and Prediction using Models with Trending Series Chapter 9. Semiparametric Independence Tests Between Two Infinite-Order Cointegrated series; Chafik Bouhaddioui, Jean-Marie Dufour, and Masaya Takano Chapter 10. Inference in Conditional Vector Error-Correction Models with a Small Signal-To-Noise Ratio; Nikolay Gospodinov, Alex Maynard, and Elena Pesavento Chapter 11. Some Extensions of Asymptotic F and t Theory in Nonstationary Regressions; Yixiao Sun Chapter 12. Non-Stationary Parametric Single-Index Predictive Models: Simulation and Empirical Studies; Ying Zhou, Hsein Kew, and Jiti Gao Chapter 13. Best Linear Prediction in Cointegrated Systems; Yun-Yeong Kim
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