Guided Drawing With Multilingual Preschoolers
Developing Language, Vocabulary, and Content Knowledge

By (author) Christina M. Cassano,Kathleen A. Paciga

ISBN13: 9780807767740

Imprint: Teachers' College Press

Publisher: Teachers' College Press

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 23/06/2023

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Drawing provides opportunities for children to communicate their thoughts even when they do not have the vocabulary or the English proficiency to fully explain their ideas. This practical guide presents foundational information on the role of drawing in vocabulary development. The authors describe a research-based intervention designed to support and expand young multilingual learners' experiences with content area vocabulary. They provide teaching examples from several content area investigations carried out in Head Start contexts serving multilingual students. These vignettes, accompanied by student work samples and excerpts of dialogue, will help early childhood educators effectively integrate this pedagogical approach into their classrooms. The user-friendly text includes curriculum support materials such as lesson-planning templates and lists of recommended children's literature and media. Guided Drawing With Multilingual Preschoolers shows teachers how to use guided drawing in conjunction with established practices to help all young students develop language and content knowledge, particularly in science. Book Features: An innovative pedagogical intervention that was created by the authors to use in Head Start classrooms. An actionable approach to teaching content area vocabulary in the classroom that works with young multilingual learners. Tables with quick summaries of developmental milestones and teaching points. Guidance for early educators who understand the importance of building word and world knowledge in authentic ways while children are learning English. Teaching examples that highlight language-rich interactions and strategies for supporting multilingual learners. Curriculum connections to culturally relevant children's literature, media, and high-quality informational texts.
  • Pre-school & kindergarten
  • Teaching of students with English as a second language (TESOL)
  • Professional & Vocational
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