Polymeric Materials for Biomedical Implants
Characterization, Properties, and Applications

Edited by Sabu Thomas,Abhimanyu Tharayil

ISBN13: 9780323996907

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 01/10/2023

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Polymeric Materials for Biomedical Implants: Characterization, Properties, and Applications offers a comprehensive guide to the various polymers utilized in the development and application of biomedical implants. These materials possess unique properties which make them ideal for use in biomedical implants, including their high degree of flexibility, ease of fabrication, non-magnetic and radio transparent properties for medical imaging, and ease of engineering for biocompatibility. The book thoroughly reviews the properties, characterization and a broad range of applications of polymeric materials in biomedical implants, bringing all key information on this important topic together under a single reference. The book's chapters cover vital topics for the development of polymeric biomedical implants, including biomaterial-tissue interactions, mechanical and surface property requirements for different implants, as well as market and ethical issues. This will be a useful reference for academics and researchers working in materials science, biomedical engineering, regenerative medicine and pharmacology, as well as R&D groups developing biomedical implants.
1. Introduction to polymers for biomedical implants 2. Characterization of polymers in biomedical implants 3. Polymer nanocomposites in biomedical implants 4. Inflammatory response to polymer biomedical implants 5. Molecular interactions at the tissue-biomaterial interface 6. Polymer implants for gene and drug delivery 7. Polymers in wound dressing 8. Polymers as medical adhesives and sutures 9. Polymer implants in cancer therapy 10. Polymer implants in orthopedics 11. Polymer implants in dentistry 12. Polymers for IOL systems 13. Polymer implants for cardiovascular applications 14. Polymers in cochlear prostheses 15. Polymers in implantable biosensors 16. Polymers in plastic and reconstructive surgery 17. Polymers for implantable artificial liver 18. Polymer implants in the gastroenterological system 19. Polymer implants in the genitourinary system 20. Polymers in kidney implants 21. Polymers for burn dressings and skin substitutes 22. Polymeric materials for implantable bioelectrodes 23. Polymers for implantable artificial pancreas 24. Polymers in neural prostheses 25. Polymer-based materials in surgery 26. Polymers in implantable artificial muscles 25. Polymers and blood interactions 26. Modelling of biocompatible polymers 27. Market and ethical issues of implants 28. Additive Manufacturing of polymeric implants 29. Sterilization of polymeric implants 30. Toxicity and degradation of polymeric implants
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Biotechnology
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