War and Peace in Rome's Golden Age

By (author) Tom Holland

ISBN13: 9781408706985

Imprint: Little, Brown

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

Format: Hardback

Published: 06/07/2023

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The third in the epic trilogy narrating the history of the Roman Empire from renowned historian Tom Holland. Pax is the third in a trilogy of books narrating the history of the Roman Empire. The series that began with Rubicon, and continued with Dynasty, now arrives at the period which marks the apogee of the pax Romana. It provides a portrait of the ancient world's ultimate superpower at war and at peace; from the gilded capital to the barbarous realms beyond the frontier; from emperors to slaves. The narrative features many of the most celebrated episodes in Roman history: the destruction of Jerusalem and Pompeii; the building of the Colosseum and Hadrian's Wall; the conquests of Trajan and the spread of Christianity. Pax gives a portrait of Rome, the great white shark of the ancient world, the Siberian tiger, at the very pinnacle of her greatness. Praise for Tom Holland: 'Terrific: bold, ambitious and passionate' Peter Frankopan 'An exceptionally good storyteller with a marvellous eye for detail' The Economist 'A book that completely transforms your understanding of the world' Spectator 'Narrative history at its best' Ian McEwan, Guardian
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