Transforming Schools for Multilingual Learners (2 Revised edition)
A Comprehensive Guide for Educators

By (author) Debbie Zacarian

ISBN13: 9781071884607

Imprint: Corwin Press Inc

Publisher: SAGE Publications Inc

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 14/04/2023

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Essential principles, practices, and structures for multilingual learners Much has changed in the ten years since this book was first published. A celebrated triumph, it provided state, district, school, and teacher leaders with a comprehensive guide to support multilingual learners to reach their full potential. From selecting the appropriate program model to partnering with families and infusing federal and state laws governing the education of multilingual learners and the rights of their families into all we do, the key messages that made the first edition of this book a renowned success have been re-examined in the second edition with a robust lens to meet these demanding times. This second edition supports educators to design and enact policies, practices, and structures for multilingual learners (MLs) to feel a sense of safety, belonging, value, and competence. Topics explored in the book include: a discussion of the changes to federal and state policies and their impact on MLs and their families strategies to move from a deficit- to an asset-based approach that values multilingualism nine principles to design and deliver high-quality lessons in multiple languages and across disciplines practices to identify and support MLs with learning differences and disabilitiessteps for building long-lasting family-school partnerships Reflecting changing trends in leadership, this new edition supports superintendents, principals, curriculum supervisors, coaches, mentors, teachers, and other stakeholders in their collaborative efforts to create and sustain successful language assistance programs.
Foreword Chapter 1: Starting with our Students and Ourselves Chapter 2: Integrating the Regulations and Principles Chapter 3: Selecting Effective Program Models Chapter 4: Designing, Implementing, and Strengthening the English Language Development Component Chapter 5: Addressing the Core Content Component of a Language Education Program Chapter 6: Emphasizing the Importance of Family Engagement Chapter 7: Identifying and Working with Multilingual Learners with Learning Differences and Learning Disabilities Chapter 8: Putting It All Together: Making Data-Drive Decisions to Strengthen the Success of Language Assistance Programs
  • Organization & management of education
  • Teaching of students with English as a second language (TESOL)
  • Professional & Vocational
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