Activist Hermeneutics of Liberation in the Bible
A Global Intersectional Perspective

Edited by Jin Young Choi,Gregory L. Cuellar

ISBN13: 9780367544966

Imprint: Routledge

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Format: Hardback

Published: 03/02/2023

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Inspired by the current political moment around the globe in which uprisings, protests, revolutions, and movements are on the rise, this book examines the intersections between the Bible and activism. It does this by showcasing intersectional readings of the Bible as an activist act and a tool for activism; historicizing the uses of the Bible within activist/freedom movements around the globe; and offering activist approaches to teaching the Bible.Each chapter in this volume provides a critical and substantive response from the discipline of Biblical Studies to global political trends. International in scope, with contributors from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States, they address themes such as gender politics, racial injustices, violence toward women, political resistance, and activist hermeneutics and pedagogies. Together they harness the intellectual energies of minoritized Biblical scholars in a nonessentialist manner to reflect on the Bible as a tool for liberating social and political change. Reflecting on the activist potential of the Bible, this book will be of keen interest to scholars in Biblical Studies, Political Theology, and Religious Studies.
Introduction Jin Young Choi and Gregory L. Cuellar Part I: The Bible and Activist Movements 1 My Light is Darkness: Reading (the Bible) with Baldwin for #BLM Adam F. Braun 2 The Colonies Strike Back: How Latin-American Liberation Theology Saved Christianity in Post-dictatorial Spain Luis Menendez-Antuna 3 Intersectionality in Biblical Studies: A Tool for Social Justice Activism? Monica Isabel Rey 4 Social Movements in Hong Kong and the Bible Sonia Kwok Wong Part II: Empowering Activists with the Bible 5 Qohelet and Jaiba Politics: Ecclesiastes and Activist Resistance from a Puerto Rican Perspective Lydia Hernandez-Marcial 6 Name of the Nameless: An Intercultural Reading of the Significance of Naming the Children in Hosea 1:2-9 Royce M. Victor Part III Activist Teachers of the Bible 7 "I am no longer a professor"-a pedagogy of living Word becoming flesh Melanie A. Duguid-May 8 Stuff the bible Jione Havea 9 #MeToo #BibleToo: Teaching Ethics of Sex with the Bible for Justice Keun-joo Christine Pae Epilogue: The Embodied Cost of Knowledge Activism Sarojini Nadar
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  • Biblical studies & exegesis
  • Religious ethics
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  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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