Teaching Sports Economics and Using Sports to Teach Economics

Edited by Victor A. Matheson,Aju J. Fenn

ISBN13: 9781035308170

Imprint: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 18/10/2022

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There is a dire need for a comprehensive pedagogical resource both on diverse approaches to teaching sports economics and the use of sports to teach broader principles of economic concepts. This book does exactly that. The contributions from leading scholars and teachers in both fields will help all instructors looking to raise their teaching game. The pedagogy in this book covers a wide array of active and engaged teaching techniques to demonstrate interesting ways to engage students and to get them excited about sports economics and economic concepts in general. Chapters cover topics such as legal case studies that impact North American leagues, discrimination and gender bias in sports economics and best practices for supervising undergraduate student research. The innovative approaches and methods presented are applicable to both small and large class sizes. Practical advice for designing field trip-, guest speaker-, and case-study-based classes, and techniques for using data-driven exercises, film and straightforward classroom experiments are included. This book will appeal to two primary audiences: undergraduate economics instructors and sports economics/management instructors. The teaching methods may be easily adapted to most economic classes, and the breadth of material provides instructors with assistance in creating course syllabi, outlining teaching plans, generating student interest, and increasing the efficacy of their pedagogy.
Contents: Introduction to Teaching Sports Economics and Using Sports to Teach Economics xi Victor A. Matheson and Aju J. Fenn PART I USING SPORTS TO TEACH ECONOMICS 1 Integrating sports into economics teaching 2 John J. Siegfried and Allen R. Sanderson 2 Using sports-related empirical research to teach critical reading skills in intermediate microeconomics 34 Peter von Allmen 3 Using ESPN 30 for 30 to teach economics - revisited 49 Abdullah Al-Bahrani and Darshak Patel 4 Uncovering bias: using sports to teach about the economics of discrimination 65 Jill S. Harris 5 Supervising sports economics research 79 Brad R. Humphreys and Jane E. Ruseski PART II TEACHING SPORTS ECONOMICS 6 Using guest speakers and day trips to teach sports economics 94 Aju J. Fenn 7 Sports and the law: using court cases to teach sports economics 103 Victor A. Matheson 8 Making sports economics inclusive: why you aren't teaching sports economics well if women are not part of your story 128 David Berri 9 Incorporating media into the sports economics curriculum 165 Jadrian Wooten PART III CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES FOR SPORTS ECONOMICS - MOVING AWAY FROM CHALK AND TALK 10 The jigsaw reading 181 Victor A. Matheson 11 Starting point bias and final offer arbitration: a classroom experiment 188 Victor A. Matheson 12 Randomness and the hot hand fallacy 195 Joshua Congdon-Hohman and Victor A. Matheson 13 This class is a Kahoot! Using Kahoot! to test student knowledge in class 200 Jadrian Wooten 14 Arbitration in the classroom: a classroom experiment to model MLB's salary arbitration 208 Amber Brown 15 Measuring productivity in Major League Baseball 226 Stacey Brook 16 Teaching marginal revenue product using Moneyball 235 Dustin White and Jadrian Wooten 17 Economical sports economics classroom activities 241 Rodney Fort Index
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