Re-centering Cultural Performance and Orange Economy in Post-colonial Africa (1st ed. 2022)
Policy, Soft Power, and Sustainability

Edited by Olusola Ogunnubi,Shadrach Teryila Ukuma,Taiwo Afolabi

ISBN13: 9789811909351

Imprint: Springer Nature

Publisher: Springer Verlag, Singapore

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 22/07/2023

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This book explores the role of national theatres, national cultural centres, cultural policy, festivals, and the film industry as creative and cultural performances hubs for exercising soft power and cultural diplomacy. It shows how can existing cultural and non-cultural infrastructures, sometimes referred to as the Orange Economy, open opportunities for diplomacy and soft power; ways by which cultural performance and creative practice can be re-centered in post-colonial Africa and in post-global pandemic era; and existing structures that cultural performers, diplomats, administrators, cultural entrepreneurs, and managers can leverage to re-enact cultural performance and creative practice on the continent. This volume is positioned within postcolonial discourse to amplify narratives, experiences and realities that are anti-oppressive especially within critical discourse.
Theme I: Culture and Policy.- Chapter 1 Introduction.- Chapter 2 Tunisia Music Culture Policy: Perspective/Challenges of a State's Project.- Chapter 3 Community Museum for National Integration in Nigeria, 1960-2000.- Chapter 4 La rehabilitation de la performance rituelle Melan pour une reconstruction de la spiritualite originelle du peuple Ekang.- Chapter 5 Pan Africanism and Cultural Policy Management: A Formative Evaluation of Nigeria and Ghana Cultural Policies.- Chapter 6 Ife Art School as a Centre of Decolonization and Decolonial Thinking in Nigerian Visual Art Practice.- Chapter 7 Body Tattoo and Social Communicative Value in Nigeria: A Study of Ogallala Studio of Arts and Tattooing.- Chapter 8 Cultural Policy and Creative Practice in Africa: Impact and Challenges.- Chapter 9 Dutch-Moroccan cultural cooperation? A discourse on network of cultural policy.- Theme II: Creative Practice, Soft power and Diplomacy.- Chapter 10 Rewriting Africa's Single-Story Narrative: Lessons from Darmasiswa.- Chapter 11 Something of Value: The Neo-colonial Impulse of Basketball in Africa in the Performance of Modernity.- Chapter 12 Orange Economy, Cultural Diplomacy and Soft Power: Prospects and Problems in Africa (2).- Chapter 13 Structural Violence in Post-colonial Kenya bing represented through the Film Nairobi Half Life (2012).- Chapter 14 Nigeria's Orange Economy and the Appropriation of Soft Power.- Chapter 15 Psychosocial Aesthetics of Contemporary Inflight Entertainment.- Chapter 16 Hunters, Fighters, and Blue- Blood: A Post-modern Reading of African Folktales and the Soft Will to Africanise.- Chapter 17 Beyond Entertainment: Power and Performance in two Urban Festivals in Niger.- Chapter 18 The National Troupe of Nigeria Post-Ogunde: A Cultural Diplomacy Fad or Farce?.- Theme III: Cultural Performance and Sustainability.- Chapter 19 Tumaini Festival: Deconstructing Colonial Borders at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi.- Chapter 20 To Own, Benefit and Sustain: Rethinking Museum Concept and Practice in Africa.- Chapter 21 Tapping into Africa's Environmental and cultural Heritage: Roles and responsibilities of the Citizens.- Chapter 22 Boboobo Music Festivals: Agency and Sustenance of Cultural Performance in Ghana.- Chapter 23 Problematic Leisure: The Consequences of the Engagement of Chess as Educational Aid within African/ Black School Curriculum.- Chapter 24 Bemoaning Extinct Cultural Practices: A Study of Olobonbori Performance.- Chapter 25 The role of Art Administration and Cultural entrepreneurship: an explorative analysis of the cap weaving industry of Maiduguri, Borno state-Nigeria.- Chapter 26 Conclusion.
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