Unpaid Work in Nursing Homes
Flexible Boundaries

Contributions by Hugh Armstrong,James Struthers,Susan Braedley,Jacqueline Choiniere,Ruth Lowndes,Gudmund Agotnes,Christine Streeter,Janna Klostermann,Petra Ulmanen,Marta Szebehely,Gudmund Ågotnes

ISBN13: 9781447366164

Imprint: Policy Press

Publisher: Bristol University Press

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 18/07/2023

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EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence The pandemic has made unpaid care more visible through its absence, whilst also increasing the need for it. Drawing on a range of research projects covering Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the UK and the US, this book documents a broad spectrum of unpaid work performed by residents, relatives, volunteers and staff in nursing homes. It demonstrates how boundaries between paid and unpaid work are flexible, varying considerably with conditions, time, place and intersectional populations. By examining the complex labour process within nursing homes, this book provides insight and understanding which will be critical in planning for nursing home care post-pandemic.
1. Introduction - Pat Armstrong and Marta Szebehely 2. Accessing Nursing Home Care: Family Members' Unpaid Care Work in Ontario and Sweden - Petra Ulmanen, Ruth Lowndes, and Jacqueline Choiniere 3. Body Work-That-Isn't: Supporting Nursing Home Residents' Autonomy in Self-Care and Sexual Expression - Susan Braedley 4. "They Make the Difference Between Survival and Living": Social Activities and Social Relations in Long-Term Residential Care - James Struthers and Gudmund Agotnes 5. Residents Who Care: Rethinking Complex Care and Disability Relations in Ontario Nursing Homes - Janna Klostermann 6. "Family Workers": The Work and Working Conditions of Families in Nursing Homes - Christine Streeter 7. Staff Perspectives on Families' Unpaid Work in Care Homes - Ruth Lowndes, Marta Szebehely, Gudmund Agotnes, and Oddrunn Sortland 8. Contextual Conditions and Social Mechanisms in Rural Communities and Care Homes - Oddrunn Sortland, Petra Ulmanen, and James Struthers 9. Bringing the Outside In and the Inside Out: The Role of Institutional Boundaries in Nursing Homes - Frode F. Jacobsen and Gudmund Agotnes 10. A Labour of Love Is Still Labour - Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong, and Marta Szebehely
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