Epipalaeolithic and Neolithic in the Eastern Fertile Crescent
Revisiting the Hilly Flanks

Edited by Tobias Richter,Peder Mortensen,Hojjat Darabi

ISBN13: 9781032371405

Imprint: Taylor & Francis Ltd

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Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 01/02/2023

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This volume brings together the latest results from research carried out in the eastern Fertile Crescent and adjacent regions, as well as providing key historical perspectives on earlier fieldwork in the region. The emergence of sedentary food producing societies in southwest Asia ca. 10,000 years ago has been a key research focus for archaeologists since the 1930's. This book provides a balance to the weight of work undertaken in the western Fertile Crescent, namely the Levant and southern Anatolia. This preference has led to a heavy emphasis on these regions in discussions about where, when and how the transition from hunting and gathering to plant cultivation and animal domestication occurred. Chapters assess the role of the eastern Fertile Crescent as a key region in the Neolithization process in southwest Asia, highlighting the key and important contributions people in this region made to the emergence of sedentary farming societies. This book is primarily aimed at academics researching the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture in southwest Asia. It will also be of interest to archaeologists working on this transition in other parts of Eurasia.
1. Introduction PART 1 - THE EMERGENCE OF NEOLITHIC SOCIETIES IN THE EASTERN FERTILE CRESCENT AND ADJACENT REGIONS: RETROSPECTIVE AND FUTURE PROSPECTS 2. Reflections on the Hilly Flanks 3. The Emergence and The Dispersal of Neolithic Way of Living- Form Core to Peripheries 4. Revisiting the Hilly Flanks: New data and shifting paradigms 5. Hotspots of coevolution and non-domesticatory niche construction: disassembling Pre-Domestication Cultivation for Fertile Crescent crop meta-populations 6. Tile tbc 7. The Late Epipalaeolithic in the Zagros and the Levant: the Natufian and the Zarzian compared 8. The Zagros Neolithic lithic industries PART II - NEOLITHIZATION PROCESSES IN THE CENTRAL ZAGROS 9. Paleoclimate and palaeo environment conditions during the Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene in the Central Zagros 10. The first archaeological campaign at Tappeh Qazanchi, a new PPN site in the West Central Zagros 11. Back from beyond: Ongoing work on the 1967-1974 Ganj Dareh archive 12. Ganj Dareh burial practice and social memory 13. Revisiting Asiab, Ganj Dareh and Mar Gurgalan: implications for Epipalaeolithic and Early Neolithic periods of the eastern Fertile Crescent 14. "Parallel Neolithic landscapes?" - New survey data from the Sirvan and Chardavol Valleys in the central-west Zagros, Ilam province (Iran) 15. Investigation of Neolithic period sites in Kuh-Dasht region, West of Iran 16. Neolithic Potteries of Khorramabad; Reflection of Subsistence Based on Herding and Nomadism During the Neolithic Period in West and Southwestern Iran 17. Chogha Golan and its high resolution record of cultural and economic change during the Aceramic Neolithic in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains PART III - RECENT WORK IN THE WESTERN FOOTHILLS OF THE ZAGROS 18. Environment and subsistence in the Epipalaeolithic of NW Zagros 19. Current investigations of the Neolithic transition in Sulaimani province, Kurdistan region of Iraq 20. Late Neolithic in the Shahrizor Plain: Tell Begum, Shaikh Marif and Shakar Tepe 21. The Dung among others inclusions in the eastern part of the Fertile Crescent Neolithic pottery PART IV - THE NORTH-EASTERN FERTILE CRESCENT AND THE TAURUS MOUNTAINS 22. The Neolithic Period Associated with the southern Urmia Lake: Questions and Challenges 23. Food storage in the sedentary hunter-gatherer communities in the Early Neolithic Upper Tigris 24. Expanding the Hilly Flanks: Neolithic Cattle exploitation in Central Anatolia 25. Keeping Traditions - Revisiting Early Neolithic Goebekli Tepe 26. Koertiktepe in the origin and flourish of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic PART V - THE EASTERN MARGINS OF THE EASTERN FERTILE CRESCENT 27. From the slopes towards the Iranian Plateau: Neolithic life in the outskirts 28. The Neolithic dispersal in the east of the hilly flanks, the view from the inside of the formation zone PART VI - CONCLUSION 29. Conclusion
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