Improving Disability Laws under Nigeria's Fourth Republic
Ten Measured Steps into the Future

By (author) Philip C. Aka,Joseph A. Balogun,Joseph Abiodun Balogun

ISBN13: 9781666914177

Imprint: Lexington Books/Fortress Academic

Publisher: Lexington Books

Format: Hardback

Published: 15/09/2022

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Persons living with disabilities (PLWDs) are imbued with inalienable human rights and have talents and potential that would aid in the Nigerian government's unceasing pursuit of economic development. However, under Nigeria's Fourth Republic since 1999, implementation of disability laws has been lethargic. In Improving Disability Laws under Nigeria's Fourth Republic: Ten Measured Steps into the Future, Philip C. Aka and Joseph A. Balogun explore measures for improving the capacity of the Nigerian national government to implement regional and global treaties related to disability that are human rights-centric. They emphasize the need for a human rights focus and for the Nigerian government to implement laws that support the potential of PLWDs, including their contributions to socioeconomic development.
Preface List of Tables List of Abbreviations Introduction 1Background History of Disability in Nigeria 2Survey of the Global and Regional Regimes on Disability Pertaining to Nigeria 3Record of the Nigerian National Government since 1999 4Improving Disability Laws under Nigeria's Fourth Republic: Ten Steps into the Future Conclusion and Prospects for the Future References Index About the Authors
  • Politics & government
  • Disability & the law
  • Professional & Vocational
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