Burnout Bible
How to tackle fatigue and emotional overwhelm naturally

By (author) Rachel Philpotts

ISBN13: 9781788603768

Imprint: Practical Inspiration Publishing

Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 25/07/2023

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Are you fed up of feeling tired, wired and unable to manage your mood? Worried that your mental health is having an effect on your relationships or your ability to perform at work? You are not alone. Many successful career women believe they thrive under pressure yet become susceptible to the negative effects of stress. Despite unexplained changes in their health, some ignore the warning signs and burn out. At best this leaves them unable to function and at worst it can lead to early menopause, heart attack, stroke or dementia. Antidepressants are frequently offered for the symptoms of burnout but there is another way. In The Burnout Bible, registered nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner and mental health expert Rachel Philpotts shares: A simple 4-step solution to improving your mood naturally, Evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle tips to tackle fatigue and emotional overwhelm, and Quick and easy mood-boosting recipes All designed to help you beat burnout and feel revitalized, reenergized and restored.
Table of Contents Introduction Part 1: What is Burnout? Chapter 1. The stress factor 1.1 Burnout defined 1.2 The stress response 1.3 The three stages of burnout Chapter 2. Why women experience burnout Chapter 3. The burnout effect 3.1 Health conditions associated with burnout 3.2 Symptoms to look out for Chapter 4. Managing fatigue and emotional overwhelm 4.1 The traditional approach 4.2 An alternative Part 2: What Is Actually Going On Section introduction - Getting to the root cause Chapter 5. What's going on in your brain Chapter 6. The hidden cycle driving your mood Chapter 7. Your cells' energy engine room Chapter 8. That gut feeling: The role of the Gut-Brain Axis Chapter 9. Hormone havoc Chapter 10. The blood sugar roller coaster Chapter 11. The role of inflammation and immune health Chapter 12. Your genes Part 3: What To Do About It Section introduction - My Mood-Boosting Method Chapter 13. Nourish - the brain and the whole body 13.1 A Note on hydration 13.2 Fatigue fighting & mood boosting nutrients 13.3 Notorious mood disrupters Chapter 14. Engage - in physical activities and hobbies 14.1 The right exercise 14.2 Social connection 14.3 Hobbies 14.4 When to disengage - The social media drain Chapter 15. Restore - through rest and relaxation 15.1 Why you should (self)care 15.2 How to identify your stressors 15.3 Relaxation tools and techniques 15.4 The importance of sleep Chapter 16. Reframe - negative thoughts and limiting beliefs 16.1 Limiting beliefs 16.2 Check your language 16.3 Breaking negative thought patterns 16.4 Practising gratitude Part 4: What To Do Next Chapter 17. The personalized approach Chapter 18. Functional and nutrigenomic testing Recipes (c.20, including: Mood-boosting breakfasts, Grab-and go lunches, Energising dinners, and Pick-me-up snack ideas) Resources References Index
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