Career Psychology
Models, Concepts, and Counseling for Meaningful Employment

Edited by W. Bruce Walsh,Lisa Y. Flores,Mark L. Savickas,Frederick T. L. Leong,Paul J. Hartung

ISBN13: 9781433837982

Imprint: American Psychological Association

Publisher: American Psychological Association

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 18/04/2023

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Career Psychology identifies and reports the theory, science, and practice of career counseling, serving as the foundation for career planning, occupational exploration, career decision-making, vocational choice, job entry, work adjustment, and retirement. The science of vocational psychology uses theory, research, and practice to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of career counseling within an array of career services, including education, guidance, counseling, placement, and coaching. This book consolidates and advances knowledge about the scientific foundations and practical applications of vocational psychology and career counseling. It serves as a reference on the evolution, current status, and future directions of vocational psychology and is useful for researchers, practitioners, and students alike. This book explains how the science and practice of vocational psychology and career counseling assist diverse groups of people across developmental age periods to construct personally meaningful and socially relevant work lives.
Introduction I. Career Theories 1. Person-Environment Fit Nadya Fouad, Jane Swanson, Stephanie Burrows & Jo Ida Hansen 2. Social Cognitive Career Theory Steve D. Brown & Robert W. Lent 3. A Psychology of Working Theory Ryan D. Duffy, David L. Blustein, Gianella Perez & Camille Smith 4. A Cognitive Information Processing Approach James Sampson, Janet Lantz, Robert Reardon, Emily Bullock-Yowell, Debra Osborn & Gary Peterson 5. Work as a Calling: A Theoretical Model Ryan D. Duffy, Gianella Perez, Bryan J. Dik & Dylan R. Marsh II. Core and Emerging Constructs 6. Vocational Interests: Conceptual Issues, Research Findings, and Practical Implications Hui Xu 7. The Interface between Career Exploration and Decision Making: From Parsons to the 21st Century's Volatile World of Work Itamar Gati 8. Career Self-Efficacy Nancy E. Betz 9. Career Adaptability Madeleine Haenggli & Andreas Hirschi 10. Well-Being and Career Success Lisa C. Walsh, S. Gokce Boz & Sonja Lyubomirsky III. Culture and Context 11. Sexual and Gender Minority Career Psychology Brandon L. Velez 12. Career Psychology in the Immigrant Context Kelsey L. Autin, German A. Cadenas & Willy Anthony Diaz Tapia 13. Career Counseling with African Americans Rosie Phillips Davis & Connie M. Ward 14. Career Psychology and Work in the Asian American Context Fred Leong & Deepshikha Chatterjas 15. Latinx Career Psychology: Work and Vocational Development of Latinx Individuals Lisa Y. Flores, Xiaotian Hu & Leticia D. Martinez 16. Career Psychology and Work in the Native American Context Sherri L. Turner & Mark Pope 17. Social Class in Work and Career Psychology Blake A. Allan, Eileen Joy & Patrick Murphy IV. Career Intervention 18. Career Assessment: Foundations, Approaches, and Applications Patrick J. Rottinghaus & Felice Chen 19. Career Management Mo Wang, Yanjun Guan & Yanran Fang 20. Exploring Global Careers: Individual Mobility and Organizational Management Michael Dickmann & Rodrigo Mello 21. Career Counseling and Psychotherapy: The Working Alliance and Reflexive Practice Peter McIlveen & Malcolm Choat 22. Careers and the Gifted: Implications for Society and Education Policy Jonathan Wai and Don C. Zhang 23. Work and Unemployment Frank Burtnett 24. Work Disability Connie Sung & Amy Nasamran 25. Experience of Marginalization in Career Development: From Education to the Workplace Richard Douglass 26. Healthy Careers: An Occupational Health Psychology Perspective Robert R. Sinclair, Baylor Graham, Lauren Kistler, Meredith Pool, Danielle Sperry & Gwendolyn P. Watson
  • Occupational & industrial psychology
  • Careers guidance
  • Professional & Vocational
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