AQA GCSE Religious Studies Essay Skills Guide: Themes, Christianity & Buddhism

By (author) Peter Cole,Richard Gray,Clare Lloyd,Laura Almond

ISBN13: 9781913963149

Imprint: Illuminate Publishing

Publisher: Illuminate Publishing

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 28/09/2023

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This detailed and practical guide is designed to help students understand and master the all-important AO2 skills of Critical Analysis & Evaluation, which are vital for performing well in the essay writing/long evaluation answers in the AQA GCSE exam. / Written for the AQA GCSE RS Spec A covering Component 1: Religious Beliefs, Practices & Traditions (comparing two religions) and Component 2: Thematic Studies. / Covers all specification content across Components 1 & 2 Christianity and Buddhsim by topic. / Highly visual 'Knowledge Organiser' format summarises all the key AO1 info that students should know by the time they tackle an exam. / 'Toolkit' approach breaks down AO2 into easily understandable study skills that students can then learn to deploy when writing long answers in the exam. / Introduction to Evaluation section gives advice and support on how to identify different types of exam questions, how to start and structure an answer, how to build an essay and argument, how to use evidence and how to evaluate successfully. / Two Sample Answers per topic show the different evaluation skills, with examiner commentary and suggested content areas for student to bring into their trial answers. / Can be used to support classroom learning, end of topic review or final exam revision as needed.
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