Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Marketing (2 ed)

By (author) Clare Harris,Karen Edwards,Donna Watts

ISBN13: 9781350168695

Imprint: Bloomsbury Visual Arts

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 10/08/2023

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How can judicious use of online marketing, social media, video, mobile and in-store technologies help fashion brands reach and engage with their audience? The Fundamentals of Digital Fashion Marketing uses industry examples, including Burberry and creative agency ODD, to demonstrate how creative digital marketing practices can build vibrant, loyal communities. Covering the vital roles of influencers, analytics, pop-up stores and user-generated content, Harris, Edwards and Watt offer a practical guide to building a successful fashion brand online. This revised edition includes two new chapters on reaching underserved markets, including people with disabilities and mature consumers, and a guide to legal issues like managing consumer data & privacy. Each chapter also now concludes with a project to help you build an e-commerce website to start experimenting with your own online marketing campaigns.
Introduction 1 Fashion marketing and digital technologies Learning objectives Fashion and Marketing The e-volution of digital fashion marketing Customer engagement The online marketing mix Marketing channels Developing a digital marketing strategy Case study: Burberry Knowledge check Exercise 1: Building an online presence: Get ready! 2 Fashion websites Learning objectives Finding your audience Website features Website design Website marketing Case study: NET-A-PORTER The power of online branding Knowledge check Exercise 2: Building an online presence: Get set and go! 3 Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization Learning objectives Digital Marketing Online advertising Profile: Google - funded by targeted advertising Search engines Search engine optimization Paid advertising Email marketing Interview with Felix Krueger: Digital marketing budgets Analytics Interview with Julia Fowler: Retail analytics Knowledge check Exercise 3: Adding SEO-friendly products and collections to a WiX site 4 Social media and fashion marketing Learning objectives Social media and fashion marketing Data-driven marketing Blogs and fashion marketing Social networks and fashion marketing Social networking content User-generated content Social media campaign strategies Emerging social media technologies The problem of deepfakes Handling marketing missteps Knowledge check Exercise 4: Linking your site to social media 5 Fashion videos and film Learning objectives Engaging consumers through video Fashion and film Moving image Fashion goes live Promotional video Social video Product videos The new experts Case study: Cinematique Interview: Nick Strickland Knowledge check Exercise 5: Start a blog in WiX 6 Fashion and mobile media Learning objectives The mobile journey The mobile hub Best practices for mobile marketing Best practices for fashion phonography Mobile first! Notifications and messaging Fashion apps Mobile shopping Connecting spaces Digital payment options Knowledge check Exercise 6: Uploading mobile phone photos in WiX 7 Digital Spaces and Innovations Learning objectives The connected store Temporary physical stores Case study: 'Find the perfect fit' at UK department store, Selfridges Personalization Profile: NIKE, a leader in personalization Tech-infused fashion 3d printing and fashion Interview: 3D Printing with Julia Daviy, owner of eponymous label Emerging innovations Knowledge check Exercise 7: Setting up payment and shipping preferences 8 Underserved Markets Learning objectives Underserved consumer groups People with disabilities Adaptive fashion Mature consumers Ethnic minorities Consumer-sensitive communications Cultural appropriation Case study: 'Dolce & Gabbana's Great Embarrassment' Interview with Ari Seth Cohen: Advanced Style Knowledge check Exercise 8: Making your WiX site accessible 9 Legal considerations for digital marketers Learning objectives Fashion law and the importance of legal counsel Intellectual property Trademarks Copyrights Advertising Consumer data and privacy Website accessibility Knowledge check Exercise 9: Creating a unique business logo in WiX Bibliography Index Picture Credits Acknowledgments
  • Fashion & beauty industries
  • Sales & marketing management
  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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