Events Management (3 ed)
An Introduction

By (author) James Kennell,Nick Wilde,Emma Abson,Charles Bladen

ISBN13: 9780367610043

Imprint: Routledge

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd



Availability: POD

Style and structure: Written at the appropriate level for 1st year undergraduate students and those studying the subject for the first time. It’s accessibility also appeals to non-native English speakers. Breadth of content: The text maps onto course content very well as it covers every major aspect taught on events management courses and explores the current developments and trends in the field, with particular focus on the array of technological developments which are hugely affecting the industry. Balance of Theory and Practice: Offers both practical and academic knowledge. Practical pedagogical tools include: case studies, interviews with industry experts, scenarios, end-of-chapter debate sections and employability skills sections. International in scope and content: New and updated case studies from a wide range of regions including those from emerging economies such as Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia. Length: Written for 1st semester courses, where Bowdin (market leader) is considered to be too long.
1. Introduction to events management. 2. Event project management: feasibility, planning, delivery and evaluation. 3. Event design and production. 4. Event operations. 5. Event human resource management. 6. Event finance. 7. Event marketing. 8. Event law, health, safety and risk management. 9. Sporting events. 10. Mega-events. 11. Events in the public and third sectors. 12. Business events. 13. Cultural events and festivals. 14. Event impacts and sustainability. 15. Events and the media
  • Economics
  • Events management industries
  • Undergraduate
  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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