School Counseling to Close Opportunity Gaps (2 Revised edition)
A Social Justice and Antiracist Framework for Success

By (author) C.heryl C. Holcomb-McCoy

ISBN13: 9781071854914

Imprint: SAGE Publications Inc

Publisher: SAGE Publications Inc

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 21/04/2022

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Written for both preservice and in-service school counselors and those who support them, this essential guide prepares readers to take an active role in creating equitable conditions for success for all students.
Foreword Preface Acknowledgments About The Author Chapter 1: Opportunity Gaps: Our Ultimate Challenge School Counseling and Education Disparities Identity Labels Where We Have Been, Where We Are, and Where We Are Headed The Power of School Counselors Opportunity Gaps versus Achievement Gaps A Closer Look at the Gaps What Do We Know About Closing Opportunity Gaps? Chapter 2: School Counseling Within the Context of Social Justice and Antiracism Redefining School Counseling to Serve Diverse Groups Focusing on Antiracism and Social Justice Key Functions of School Counseling Based on Social Justice and an Antiracist Approach Chapter 3: Counseling and Intervention Planning Critical Factors That Affect School Counseling and the Counseling Relationship Antiracist and Culturally Appropriate Counseling Interventions Assessing School Counselors' Cultural Competence The Influence of Culture and Race on Intervention Planning Chapter 4: Consultation Defining Consultation? Social Justice Considerations and the Consultation Process Consultation Strategies Questioning Domains Assessing School Culture Chapter 5: Connecting Schools and Communities Avoiding the Blame Game and Racist Narratives Equity Framework for Reciprocal Partnerships Five Principles of Effective SFC Partnerships Barriers to School-Family Collaborations Chapter 6: Collecting and Using Data What Is Accountability? Using Data to Uncover Inequities School Counseling Program Evaluation Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) Developing Program Assessment Tools Chapter 7: Challenging Racism and Bias How to Be an Antiracist School Counselor Guidelines for Challenging Racism and Bias Social Justice Education in Schools Chapter 8: Coordinating Student Success and Support Collaborating With Community Organizations and Social Service Agencies Implementing Scheduling Practices That Promote Racial Equity Antiracist Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Support Systems Coordinating College Readiness and Preparation Interventions Coordinating Tutoring Services Advocating on Schoolwide Committees Chapter 9: Doing the Right Thing: Developing An Antiracist, Social Justice-Focused School Counseling Program Assessing Your Beliefs Assessing Your Skills Assessing Your Students' Needs Vision for My School Counseling Program Concluding Remarks Resources Resource A: Assessing School Equity Resource B: School Counselor Multicultural Competence Checklist Resource C: School Culture Assessment Resource D: Assessing Beliefs About School-Family-Community Partnership Involvement Suggested Readings by Topic References Index
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