Medical Regulatory Affairs (3 ed)
An International Handbook for Medical Devices and Healthcare Products

Edited by Raymond Tong,Jack Wong,Raymond K. Y. Tong

ISBN13: 9789814877862

Imprint: Jenny Stanford Publishing

Publisher: Jenny Stanford Publishing



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First handbook in the market to cover regulatory affairs in Asia. This handbook covers medical device regulatory systems in different countries, ISO standards for medical devices, clinical trial and regulatory requirements, and documentation for application. Experts from influential international regulatory bodies have contributed to the book.
1. How to Train University Students in Regulatory Affairs to Face the Medical Devices Market Growth after the COVID-19 Impact Part 1: Introduction 2. The Evolution of the Regulatory Professional: Perspectives on the Skill Sets and Capabilities That Will Define the Next Generation of Regulatory Professionals 3. The Role of the Asia Regulatory Affairs Team in Relation to the Commercial Team and Other Departments 4. Commercial Sense and What It Means for a Regulatory Manager or Executive 5. Market Strategic Challenges for Medical Device (Asia/Pacific) 6. Regulatory Affairs as a Business Partner 7. Introduction to Regulatory Affairs Professionals’ Roles 8. What It Means to Be a Medtech Regulatory Journalist 9. Accelerating Access to in vitro Diagnostics: Urgent Need for Increasing the Speed and Efficiency of Regulatory Review and Policy Development for in vitro Diagnostics for Antimicrobial Resistance and Epidemic Preparedness and Response 10. Regulatory Specialists in Medical Devices in Europe: Meeting the Challenge of Keeping Current in a Changing Environment—How TOPRA Supports Professionals in a Dynamic Industry Part 2: Medical Device Safety and Related ISO Standards 11. Biomedical Devices: Overview 12. Labeling, Label, and Language: A Truly Global Matter 13. Regulatory Affairs for Medical Device Clinical Trials in Asia Pacific 14. Medical Device Classification Guide 15. ISO 13485:2016: Medical Devices—Quality Management Systems—Requirements for Regulatory Purposes 16. ISO 14971: Application of Risk Management to Medical Devices 17. Medical Devices—IEC International Standards and Conformity Assessment Services in Support of Medical Regulation and Governance 18. Good Submission Practice Part 3: Medical Device Regulatory System in the United States, European Union, Saudi Arabia, and Latin America 19. United States Medical Device Regulatory Framework 20. Regulation of Combination Products in the United States 21. European Union Medical Device Regulatory System 22. Regulation of Combination Products in the European Union 23. Medical Device Regulatory Affairs in Latin America 24. Saudi Arabia: Medical Device Regulation System Part 4: Medical Device Regulatory System in Asia-Pacific Region 25. Australian Medical Device Regulations: An Overview 26. China: Medical Device Regulatory System 27. Hong Kong: Medical Device Regulatory System 28. India: Medical Device Regulatory System 29. Indonesia: Medical Device Regulatory System 30. Japan: Medical Device Regulatory System 31. Korea: Medical Device Regulatory System 32. Overview of Medical Device Regulation in Malaysia 33. The Philippine Medical Device Regulatory System 34. Singapore Medical Device Regulation 35. Taiwan: Medical Device Regulatory System Introduction 36. Thailand: Medical Device Control and Regulation 37. Vietnam Part 5: Hot Topics 38. A Strong Regulatory Strategy Is a Competitive Advantage to a Medical Device Company 39. Regulatory Strategy: An Overview 40. Leading the New Normal by Accelerating Digital Transformation 41. An Overview of the Herbal Product Regulatory Classification in Asia and General Guidelines for Health Product Development 42. Overview of Health Supplements: Singapore 43. International Medical Device School Experience 44. Medtech Start-Up: Journey to First Product Approval 45. Digital Transformation of Healthcare and Venture Capital’s Role in It 46. A Regulatory Career in Asia 47. A Former FDA Investigator’s Views on Compliance with the Medical Device Regulations
  • Medicine: general issues
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Regulation of medicines & medical devices
  • General (US: Trade)
  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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