Vascular Anomalies (1st ed. 2020)
A Guide for the Hematologist/Oncologist

Edited by Cameron C. Trenor III,Denise M. Adams

ISBN13: 9783030256227

Imprint: Springer Nature Switzerland AG

Publisher: Springer Nature Switzerland AG

Format: Hardback

Published: 25/07/2020

Availability: POD

This volume is a practical resource for the diagnosis and multi-disciplinary management of patients with vascular anomalies. Although designed by and for hematologists and oncologists, this text also assists clinicians in many specialties with appropriate nomenclature, diagnosis, and management of the heterogeneous disorders considered as vascular anomalies, including kaposiform hemangioendothelioma, capillary malformations, venous malformations, lymphatic anomalies, and arteriovenous malformation. The book features full-color clinical photographs and diagnostic imaging to enrich descriptions of these conditions and to ensure accurate diagnosis for appropriate management recommendations. Written by experts in their fields, Vascular Anomalies: A Guide for the Hematologist/Oncologist is a valuable resource for clinicians treating and researchers studying patients with vascular anomalies.
1 Nomenclature of Vascular Anomalies: Evolution to the ISSVA 2018 Classification SystemFrancine Blei 2 Diagnosis of Vascular AnomaliesAmy Geddis, Anna Lillis, Anita Gupta 3 The Genetic Basis of Vascular AnomaliesHa-Long Nguyen, Laurence M. Boon, Miikka Vikkula 4 Sirolimus for the Treatment of Vascular AnomaliesJoana M. Mack, Denise M. Adams, Kiersten W. Ricci 5 Infantile and Congenital Hemangiomas: Natural History, Complications, and When and How to Treat Margaret T. Lee, Sheilagh Maguiness 6 Kaposiform Hemangioendothelioma and Kasabach-Merritt Phenomenon: Management of Coagulopathy and Treatment OptionsTaizo A. Nakano, Ilona J. Frieden 7 Rare Vascular TumorsRoshni Dasgupta, Ionela Iacobas, Kristen Snyder 8 Capillary Malformations and Associated SyndromesMegha M. Tollefson, Adrienne M. Hammill 9 Venous Malformations and Associated Syndromes: Diagnosis and ManagementAnn M. Kulungowski, Manish N. Patel, Steven J. Fishman 10 Lymphatic Anomalies Gulraiz Chaudry, Cameron C. Trenor, III, Belinda Dickie 11 Arteriovenous MalformationArin K. Greene, Patricia E. Burrows 12 Overgrowth Syndromes Associated with Vascular AnomaliesAdrienne Hammill, Samantha Spencer, Ahmad Alomari 13 Hemostasis/Thrombosis Considerations in Vascular AnomaliesLeonardo R. Brandao, Clifford M. Takemoto 14 Practice Considerations for the Hematologist/Oncologist in Vascular Anomalies ClinicsMichael R. Jeng, Denise M. Adams
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