Ageing, Ageism and the Law
European Perspectives on the Rights of Older Persons

Edited by Israel Doron,Nena Georgantzi

ISBN13: 9781788972109

Imprint: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd

Format: Hardback

Published: 30/11/2018

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Europe is ageing. However, in many European countries, and in almost all fields of life, older persons experience discrimination, social exclusion, and negative stereotypes that portray them as different or a burden to society. This pivotal book is the first of its kind, providing a rich and diverse analysis of the inter-relationships between ageing, ageism and law within Europe. Throughout the book - which builds on a European Cooperation in Science & Technology (COST) action - leading scholars offer theoretical and empirical analysis in order to discern the role European law plays in perpetuating and combating ageism. Including specific examples of how stereotypes and prejudices influence and shape the European legal system, the book contributes to the broader current global social movement towards advancing a new international human rights convention for older persons. Timely and engaging, this book will appeal to students and scholars of law, sociology, public policy and a wide range of related fields including gerontology, human rights, and health-studies. Practitioners, policy-makers, civil society organizations and senior citizens activists will also benefit from the insights into the socio-legal aspects of social policies and human rights of older persons. Contributors include: P. de Hert, M. De Pauw, I. Doron, N. Georgantzi, A. Gur, R. Harding, E. Mantovani, T. Mattsson, B. Mikolajczyk, A. Numhauser-Henning, G. Quinn, P. Quinn, B. Spanier, B. Sleap, J. Watson
Contents: Forward Liat Ayalon and Clemens Tesch-Romer Introduction: Between Law, Aging and Ageism Israel (Issi) Doron and Nena Georgantzi Part I Theories and Concepts 1. Equality, Social Justice and Older People Rosie Harding 2. Age, Vulnerability and Disability Titti Mattsson 3. Ageism, Moral Agency, and Autonomy - Getting Beyond Guardianship in the 21st Century Gerard Quinn, Ayelet Gur and Jo Watson Part II Realities and Legal Experiences 4. Legal Basis of Active Ageing: European Developments Barbara Mikolajczyk 5. Ageism, Age Discrimination, Ageism, and Employment Law in the EU... Ann Numhauser-Henning 6. Stereotyping and Other "Forms of Discrimination in the Chicago Declaration on the Rights of Older Persons and in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights Eugenio Mantovani, Paul Quinn and Paul de Hert 7. The European Social Charter and the Rights of Older Persons Benny Spanier and Israel Doron 8. Ageism and Age Discrimination in International Human Rights Law Marijke De Pauw, Bridget Sleap and Nena Georgantzi Index
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