Secrets and Silence
Child Sex Abuse from Cleveland to Savile and Beyond

By (author) Beatrix Campbell

ISBN13: 9781447341147

Imprint: Policy Press

Publisher: Bristol University Press

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 21/02/2023

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When paediatricians in Cleveland, in the North East of England, identified evidence of rape in 121 children seen in hospital in 1987, they were discredited. Children were sent home and the public assured that there was no widespread problem of sexual abuse. Renowned journalist Beatrix Campbell shockingly reveals the government's cover-up of expert findings that most of the diagnoses were correct: ministers misled the public, doctors and social workers were denounced and the children were denied their own stories. The legacy of the Cleveland controversy lived on in child protection practice for 30 years until the government was forced to launch the current Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, whose outcome will determine whether children will be protected in future.
Prologue: Introducing Minnie Introduction 1. Secret Dossiers and the Journey Through the Archives 2. The Inquiry 3. Two Reports - What They Said, And Didn't Say 4. Whatever Happened To ... The Children, The Professionals, The Judge 5. A New Enlightenment 6. Parallel Lives 7. Backlash 8. Diagnosis - Damned and Vindicated 9. Tremendous Conservatism 10. Off the Hook - The Police and the Criminal Justice System: From Fallout to Impunity 11. A New Sexual Abuse Crisis - The UK: A Perfect Storm 12. National Inquiries, National Identities - Abuse Uncovered and Held to Account Conclusion: What is to be Done? Epilogue
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  • Child abuse
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