Postcolonial Legality
Law, Politics, and State Formation in Africa Since the End of the Cold War

By (author) Jeremy Gould

ISBN13: 9781472489081

Imprint: Routledge

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Format: Hardback

Published: 25/08/2022

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This book examines the interaction of law and politics in postcolonial Africa. The basic narrative emphasizes the continuities of contemporary legal practices with the jurisprudence of colonial government, grounded in what is known as 'imperial liberalism'. The analysis focuses on the production of specifically postcolonial forms of legality - understood as the empirical outcomes of the state legal system. Of particular interest is the evolution of legality in the core domain of the law of the state itself, that is, the constitution and subsidiary statute pertaining to the powers of the executive. It is argued, based on a number of detailed and interlinked case studies from Zambia, that the epoch of radical deregulation in the wake of the Cold War dismantled much of the post-independence party-state apparatus and thus turned a page in the formative processes of state formation. This transformation has been reflected in, and further amplified by, a radical reworking of the ways that state legality plays out. Central to this radical shift was a profound reorientation of the legal profession as lawyers, enriched and empowered by the novel opportunities of the liberalized market economy in the nineties, quite suddenly achieved unprecedented levels of financial and political autonomy from the state. A key motif in the book relates to the ways lawyers, and to some extent judges, have responded to their new-found autonomy, and how these concomitant resources have been deployed in the realm of politics.
Preface: Afterlives of colonial sovereignty in Africa;1 Zambia: A state of postcolonial exception; 2 Postcolonial sovereignty's two-body problem; 3 The President's two bodies: Kaunda, Chiluba and beyond; 4 Reconciling the paradox? The rise and demise of the Oasis Forum; 5. Working the paradox: A Task Force for and against Corruption; 6. The paradox at work: Political legality under Sata's Patriotic Front; Afterword: The ongoing constitution of postcolonial sovereignty;
  • Social & political philosophy
  • Law & society
  • Social law
  • National liberation & independence, post-colonialism
  • Professional & Vocational
  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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