Summer Haven
The Catskills, the Holocaust, and the Literary Imagination

By (author) Phil Brown,Holli Levitsky,Contributor Holli Levitsky

ISBN13: 9781618115164

Imprint: Academic Studies Press

Publisher: Academic Studies Press


Published: 16/06/2016

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This volume provides for the first time a collection of writing that investigates the stories and struggles of survivors in the context of the Jewish resort culture of the Catskills, through new and existing works of fiction and memoir by writers who spent their youths there. It explores how vacationers, resort owners, and workers dealt with a horrific contradiction the pleasure of their summer haven against the mass extermination of Jews throughout Europe. It also examines the character of Holocaust survivors in the Catskills: in what ways did they people find connection, resolution to conflict, and avenues to come together despite the experiences that set them apart? The book will be useful to those studying Jewish, American, or New York history, the Holocaust and Catskills legacy, United States immigration, American literature, and American culture. The focus on themes of nostalgia, humor, loss, and sexuality will draw general readers as well.
Acknowledgments Sources and Permissions Framing and History Introduction Phil Brown and Holli Levitsky Reuben Wallenrod’s Dusk in the Catskills and its Central Role in Catskills Holocaust History Holli Levitsky and Phil Brown Memoirs and Conversations A Memoir from Before My Birth Phil Brown The Holocaust, the Catskills, and the Creative Power of Loss Holli Levitsky Catskill Reflections: Testimonial, Literary, and Jewish Values in Singer’s Novel Sandor Goodhart Legacy Michael Berenbaum Imaginings and Re-imaginings From Dusk in the Catskills Reuben Wallenrod Dusk in the Catskills: My Father, the Holocaust, Memories, and Reflections Naima (Wallenrod) Prevots From Enemies, A Love Story Isaac Bashevis Singer The Holocaust, Three Women, One Man, and a Rabbi: Posthumous Reading in Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Enemies, A Love Story Sandor Goodhart From Summer on a Mountain of Spices Harvey Jacobs Reflections on Summer on a Mountain of Spices Harvey Jacobs From Woodridge 1946 Martin Boris “Not to Know the Past is to Diminish the Future”: Reflections on Woodridge 1946 Gloria Boris From Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, II: And Here My Troubles Began Art Spiegelman What We Didn’t Know Hilene Flanzbaum From Paradise, New York Eileen Pollack Preserving the Catskills: An Exercise in Nostalgia, or Survival? Eileen Pollack Bingo by the Bungalow Thane Rosenbaum Renewal Thane Rosenbaum A Catskills Muse Phil Brown Reflections on “A Catskills Muse” Phil Brown From Displaced Persons: Growing Up American After the Holocaust Joseph Berger Resuming Life After the War: Survivors in the Catskills Joseph Berger The Catskills (or What Was, Was, and Is No More) from A Jew Grows in Brooklyn Jake Ehrenreich Reflections on A Jew Grows in Brooklyn Jake Ehrenreich From Dreaming in the Ninth Ezra Cappell Balm of Gilead: Haunted in the Catskills Ezra Cappell New Imaginings and Last Days The Four Seasons Lodge: Survivors in the Bungalow Colony Andrew Jacobs Prize-Winning Essays: Fiction Catskill Dreams and Pumpernickel Bonnie Shusterman Eizikovitz Your Dovid Rita Calderon Prize-Winning Essay: Non-Fiction Forgiving God in the Catskills Michael Kirschenbaum Index
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