Cultural Heritage and the Future

Edited by Cornelius Holtorf,Anders Hogberg

ISBN13: 9781138829015

Imprint: Routledge

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 01/01/2021

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Cultural Heritage and the Future for the first time brings together a diverse, international group of scholars and experts interested in the relations between cultural heritage and the future. `Preserving the past for the future' is an oft used phrase but what that future will be has never before attracted substantial research and debate in heritage studies. The present book offers a balance of theoretical and empirical content, with extensive case-studies from the US, Europe and Australia. Intended to stimulate multidisciplinary debate and discussion the book will explicitly address an interdisciplinary audience within heritage studies and heritage management.
1. Heritage and the Future: An introduction 2. Futures Lost: Preserving heritage for whom? 3. Waste not want not: Heritage, thrift and our children's children 4. Imagining Diversity. Moulding Citizens for Future Societies 5. On nostalgic futurism, or whether the past is really all about the future 6. Saving the Past for the (Archaeologists') Future? The Role of Power and Empire in Official Heritage Management in the U.S. 7. Ruins for the future. Architecture naive and the temporality of heritage 8. The Spectre of Non-Completion 9. The heritage of past and present futures 10. Nostalgia for Infinity: future visions and the heritage of space 11. Hazardous waste as future heritage: the challenge to preserve information for the long-term future 12. The Distant Future and Risks Posed by a Legacy of Deep Geological Radioactive Waste Repositories 13. TBC 14. Nuclear waste as cultural heritage of the future 15. Sustainability and the future of cultural heritage institutions 16. Everything, all the time. Endism, Atemporality and Heritage
  • Museology & heritage studies
  • Archaeology
  • Archaeological theory
  • Postgraduate, Research & Scholarly
  • Undergraduate
  • General (US: Trade)
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