Business Statistics: A Decision Making Approach, Global Edition (11 ed)

By (author) Patrick Shannon,David Groebner,Phillip Fry

ISBN13: 9781292446288

Imprint: Pearson Education Limited

Publisher: Pearson Education Limited

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 25/05/2023

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Business Statistics: A Decision-Making Approach applies statistical analysis to real-world decision making. Clear, step-by-step explanations are supported by examples that use statistical techniques in business decision situations. Featuring real organizations (like Microsoft, Boise Cascade Corporation and the Federal Aviation Administration) with actual applications and rich data sets helps you develop realistic decision-making skills and conveys the relevance of statistics. Drawing from their extensive experience as educators and consultants, the authors present content at a level that is accessible to students at all mathematical skill levels. The 11th Edition updates data and examples throughout, and more.
The Where, Why, and How of Data Graphs, Charts, and Tables: Describing Your Data Describing Data Using Numerical Measures 1 - 3 SPECIAL REVIEW SECTION Introduction to Probability Discrete Probability Distributions Introduction to Continuous Probability Distributions Introduction to Sampling Distributions Estimating Single Population Parameters Introduction to Hypothesis Testing Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Two Population Parameters Hypothesis Tests and Estimation for Population Variances Analysis of Variance 8 - 12 SPECIAL REVIEW SECTION Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Contingency Analysis Introduction to Linear Regression and Correlation Analysis Multiple Regression Analysis and Model Building Analyzing and Forecasting Time-Series Data Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics Introducing Business Analytics Introduction to Decision Analysis (Online) Introduction to Quality and Statistical Process Control (Online) APPENDICES A. Random Numbers Table B. Cumulative Binomial Distribution Table C. Cumulative Poisson Probability Distribution D. Standard Normal Distribution Table E. Exponential Distribution Table F. Values of t for Selected Probabilities G. Values of 2 for Selected Probabilities H. F-Distribution I. Distribution of the Studentized Range (q-values) J. Critical Values of r in the Runs Test K. Mann - Whitney U Test Probabilities ( <9) L. Mann - Whitney U Test Critical Values (9 20) M. Critical Values of T in the Wilcoxon Matched-Pairs Signed-Ranks Test ( 25) N. Critical Values dL and dU of the Durbin-Watson Statistic D O. Lower and Upper Critical Values W of Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks Test P. Control Chart Factors
  • Economic statistics
  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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