Entrepreneurial Learning Evolutions in Start-Up Hubs
A Post-Pandemic Perspective for Lean Organizations

By (author) Nicola Capolupo

ISBN13: 9781837530717

Imprint: Emerald Publishing Limited

Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited

Format: Hardback

Published: 27/04/2023

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Younger, leaner, and more innovative organizations have thrived in recent years despite the disruptions caused by Covid-19. For start-ups, the current scenario depicts an encouraging framework: they have demonstrated a strong and innate ability to adapt, finding new solutions to cope with changing economic conditions. To better understand the post-pandemic world, author Nicola Capolupo examines the shifts in training programs for start-ups in business incubators (hubs) from an entrepreneurial and organizational learning perspective. To intercept current shifts in training processes, Entrepreneurial Learning Evolutions in Start-Up Hubs comprise those levers that have led lean structures to adopt a holistic view in delivering organizational empowerment processes to new start-ups and entrepreneurs. Capolupo provides an in-depth case study, conducted through interviews with an inland area incubator that runs certified and recognized incubation paths for different start-ups The analysis of entrepreneurial learning evolutions in start-up hubs provides practical input to start-up and incubator managers on the strategic drivers of change in training processes, investigating new trends of Entrepreneurial Learning in lean organizations.
Chapter 1. The Italian Startup Ecosystem Chapter 2. Entrepreneurial Learning and Training in Startup Organizations Chapter 3. Incubators' Training and Learning. An Empirical Roadmap Chapter 4. Through a New Framework for Entrepreneurial Learning in Startup Chapter 5. Looking Forward: Hubs and Entrepreneurs' Skills of the Future
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