Control, Abuse, Bullying and Family Violence in Tourism Industries

By (author) Elisa Zentveld

ISBN13: 9781845418700

Imprint: Channel View Publications

Publisher: Channel View Publications Ltd

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 31/03/2023

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This book explores the roles that control, abuse, bullying and family violence can play within the tourism system. While it is generally understood that such behaviours are significant issues in society, the correlation between these types of behaviour and tourism has not been assessed in scholarly circles. The volume sets out to explain each of these behaviours within tourism industries using autoethnography as its method. This book reveals the heightened risk of family violence during family events, sporting events and in the tourism system, and explains that risks continue and can even increase after separating from a perpetrator of family violence. This is an important and under-researched area in the tourism and events literature and will be of interest to researchers and practitioners in these fields, as well as family violence, social work, health and law.
Tables and Figures Acknowledgements Overview Overture Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: The Tourism System Chapter 3: Control, Abuse and Family Violence Chapter 4: Tourism Industries Chapter 5: Employment Law Impacts on Tourism Industries Chapter 6: Abuse and Bullying in Tourism Industries Chapter 7: Family Violence Spikes around Major Events Chapter 8: Family Violence at the Tourism Destination Chapter 9: Equal Shared Parental Responsibility Chapter 10: Journeys on Transit Routes with Family Violence Chapter 11: The Tourism Generating Region: Living with Abuse Chapter 12: The Tourist Chapter 13: Family Violence and Visiting Friends and Relatives Travel Chapter 14: The Great Escape Chapter 15: Conclusion Epilogue References Index
  • Tourism industry
  • Hospitality industry
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