Rise of Tourism in China
Social and Cultural Change

By (author) Yiping Li

ISBN13: 9781845418908

Imprint: Channel View Publications

Publisher: Channel View Publications Ltd


Published: 15/05/2023

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This book offers a comprehensive understanding of China’s tourism development from 1992 onwards, focusing on the social-cultural change that accompanied the rise of tourism. It examines both the economic benefits and sociocultural impacts of tourism and argues that tourism sustainability depends on a delicate balance between economic and social-cultural interests which could manifest differently among the stakeholders of various interests. It also explores, through both theoretical and empirical analysis, how travel connects people and places through the processes of tourist imagination and consumption. The volume portrays how contemporary discourses fuse with individual histories to formulate the ways in which tourists understand China. It will be a useful resource for students and scholars in human geography, tourism management, leisure and recreation, and social sciences.
Figures and Tables Acknowledgements Preface Introduction: Making or Remaking People and Places through Tourism Chapter 1. The Appeal of Distant Places: China’s Inbound Tourism in the 1990s Chapter 2. Orientalism Revisited: Ethnic Tourism of China versus Canada Chapter 3. Tourism Impacts in China after Two Decades of Development Chapter 4. Community Tourism and China’s Dilemma of Modernisation Chapter 5. Red Tourism and China’s Communist Identity Chapter 6. The Impacts of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Chapter 7. Leisure Shopping and the Hong Kong–China Relationship Chapter 8. Island Festivals and Sense of Place: The Hong Kong Experience Chapter 9. Linguistic Landscape, Tourism and an Island Place Making Chapter 10. Tourism and Social-Cultural Change in China Conclusion: Applying Ethnography to China Tourism Research References Index
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