Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 ed)

By (author) David Collier,James R Evans,James Evans,David a Collier

ISBN13: 9780357901649

Imprint: South-Western College Publishing

Publisher: Cengage Learning, Inc

Format: Hardback

Published: 01/03/2023

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Master the fundamental concepts and applications of operations (OM) and supply chain management (SCM) with OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, 3E by award-winning authors Collier/Evans. This edition balances coverage of both manufacturing and service businesses with the latest updates, an additional new SCM chapter and new discussions that highlight the latest changes in OM and SCM. Clear explanations are supported with contemporary examples and new and updated case studies that demonstrate how concepts apply. Discussions highlight new techniques and principles as well as the most recent Excel techniques and digital tools. Solved problems further guide you through key formulas and computations. MindTap online learning platform is available for both manual calculations and the use of Excel spreadsheet templates and models. MindTap's algorithmic homework and interactive learning tools also show you how to apply qualitative and quantitative reasoning to today's OM and SCM concepts.
PART 1: BASIC CONCEPTS OF OM AND VALUE CHAINS. 1. Operations Management and Value Chains. 2. Analytics and Performance Measurement in Operations and Value Chains. 3. Operations Strategy. 4. Technology and Operations Management. PART 2: DESIGNING OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAINS 5. Goods and Service Design. 6. Supply Chain Design. 7. Process Selection, Design, and Improvement. 8. Facility and Work Design. PART 3: MANAGING OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAINS. 9. Forecasting and Demand Planning. 10. Capacity Management. 11. Process Analysis and Resource Utilization. 12. Managing Inventories in Supply Chains. 13. Supply Chain Management and Logistics. 14. Resource Management. 15. Operations Scheduling and Sequencing. 16. Quality Management. 17. Quality Control & SPC. 18. Lean Operating Systems. 19. Project Management. 20. Building Resilience and Continuity in Operations and Supply Chains Supplement A: Probability and Statistics. Supplement B: Decision Analysis. Supplement C: Break-Even Analysis. Supplement D: Linear Optimization. Supplement E: The Transportation and Assignment Problems. Supplement F: Queuing Models. Supplement G: Simulation. Appendix A: Areas for the Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution. Appendix B: Factors for Control Charts. Appendix C: Integrative Case: Diamond Global Supply Chain - Hudson Jewelers Endnotes. Glossary. Index.
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