Schools of Opportunity
10 Research-Based Models of Equity in Action

Edited by Kevin Welner,Linda Molner Kelley,Adam York

ISBN13: 9780807768365

Imprint: Teachers' College Press

Publisher: Teachers' College Press

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 27/01/2023

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The National Education Policy Center's Schools of Opportunity project was designed to highlight public high schools that are using research-based practices for closing opportunity gaps in student learning. The project recognizes schools that are working to address the needs of all students, regardless of their zip codes or their school's average test scores. By embracing a shift away from the nation's myopic focus on standardized test scores, the program's focus is on inputs-access to equitable, exemplary policies and practices that students experience every school day-not outcomes. This follows from research findings that schools alone cannot fix the problems created by the stark inequalities in our society. Instead, schools should be expected to do their part by responding to inequities with research-based practices. The book features case studies of schools that demonstrate key criteria that other schools can emulate, such as an inclusive school climate, support for language-minority students, performance-based assessment, teacher professionalism, a commitment to detracking, and supports for students in need. Schools of Opportunity builds an argument for shifting the way that excellent public high schools are recognized and built. Book Features: Provides accounts of school reform, jointly told by researcher-practitioner teams, connecting current research with successful efforts of educators to create outstanding learning environments. Brings together the voices of principals and school leaders who share stories of how their work has unfolded in their school, district, and state contexts. Identifies the school leadership and teacher practices that close opportunity gaps for student learning, and what it takes to implement them.
Contents (Tentative) Introduction Introducing the Schools of Opportunity Project Matt Garcia and Michelle Renee Valladares 1. A Challenging, Supported, and Engaging Curriculum for All Kevin Welner and John Murphy 2. A Multipronged and Equity-Oriented Approach to Transforming School Climate: The Story of Revere High School Kathryn Wiley and Lourenco Garcia 3. Authentic and Equitable Engagement in Learning at Pocomoke High School Kellie Rolstad and Jenifer Rayne 4. Authentic Assessment Embedded in Project-Based Learning Jeffrey Palladino and Lorrie Shepard 5. Preserving, Deepening, and Growing a Professional Teaching Culture: Lessons From Casco Bay High School Linda Molner Kelley and Derek Pierce (with Matt Bernstein, Susan McCray, and Rebecca Lynch Nichols) 6. Clark Street Community School: A Place for All Students to Live, Learn, and Create Jill Gurtner and Julie Mead 7. A Holistic Approach to Learning and Development: Shifting Paradigms One School at a Time Kristen P. Goessling, Kate Somerville, Adam York, and Kimberly Grayson 8. Student Organizing and Leadership for Education Justice: Curriculum as a Site for Healing and Wellness Kate Somerville, Kristen P. Goessling, Adam York, and Kimberly Grayson 9. The High School in the Middle of Everywhere: Nebraska's Lincoln High Edmund T. Hamann, Janet Eckerson, and Mark Larson 10. "Like a Family": Sharing Leadership With Teachers, Students, Families and Community at Rainier Beach High School Ann M. Ishimaru and Dwane Chappelle Conclusion From Schools of Opportunity to Systems of Opportunity Jeannie Oakes and Kevin Welner Endnotes Index About the Editors and Contributors
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