Reshaping Youth Participation
Manchester in a European Gaze

Edited by Janet Batsleer,Harriet Rowley,Grainne McMahon

ISBN13: 9781800433595

Imprint: Emerald Publishing Limited

Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited

Format: Hardback

Published: 14/11/2022

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Reshaping Youth Participation reframes discussions around youth political, social, civic, and cultural participation. Drawing upon insights on democracy and citizenship, self-organising and protest movements, and arts activism as engaged social activism, the chapters consider the youth participation spaces in which young people find voice and action-spaces that are part of existing forms of participation, and newly emergent spaces that challenge existing systems. Set in Manchester, Reshaping Youth Participation contextualises youth participation in a major UK city known for its activism and regional devolution, alongside studies from partner European cities. Exploring the participation of young people in 'adult spaces', of young people who are pursuing a new politics and ideological change, of marginalised young people, and of young people utilising the creative arts as a 'lived politics', the authors argue that youth participation provides a vital addition to sustaining and developing political, social, and democratic life in cities. Celebrating youth participation and its myriad forms, triumphs, and challenges, this edited collection provides much needed innovative thinking to the study of youth participation. It is an important contribution for young people themselves, academics, policymakers, local policy experts and makers, local activists, and community advocates.
Chapter 1. Introduction to 'Manchester in a European Gaze'; Harriet Rowley, Janet Batsleer, and Grainne McMahon SECTION 1. (NON)FORMAL SPACES FOR REPRESENTATION AND DEMOCRACY Chapter 2. Democrat and/or Parasite: Beyond the Tokenism Debate in the Emergence of the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority (a Manchester Case); Stuart Dunne and James Duggan Chapter 3. Moving Out of Formal Structures: Young People as Independent Action Researchers (a Manchester Case); Hasaan Amin, Vanessa Attipoe, Hassan Dantata, Daniel Rimes, Barry Percy-Smith, and Nigel Patrick Thomas Chapter 4. Youth Councils in Other Contexts (a European Commentary); Bjoern Andersson SECTION 2. SELF-ORGANISING, PROTEST AND ACTIVIST MOVEMENTS Chapter 5. Be(com)ing Feminist and Creating a 'Politics of a Difference' (a Manchester Case); Grainne McMahon Chapter 6. Being a Socialist in Manchester (a Manchester Case); Alexandre Pais Chapter 7. Counter-Hegemonic Politics between Coping and Performative Self-contradictions (a European Commentary); Jessica Lutgens and Yagmur Mengilli SECTION 3. PRECARITY, FRAGILITY, RESILIENCE AND RESISTANCE Chapter 8. 'Faceless': (a Manchester Case); Grainne McMahon and Rhetta Moran Chapter 9. Who was Lost and Who was Found? (a Manchester case); Grainne McMahon and Rhetta Moran Chapter 10. Fragilities: Participation as Resilience; Ilaria Pitti SECTION 4. CREATIVITY, PERFORMANCE, IMPROVISATION AND DEMOCRACY Chapter 11. Creativity and Enterprise: The Agency (a Manchester Case); Steve Vickers and Janet Batsleer Chapter 12. Pulling a Politics Out of the Hat at 'The Noise Upstairs' (a Manchester Case); Geoff Bright and Anton Hunter Chapter 13. Opening Up the Cracks (a European Commentary); Berrin Osmanoglu, Demet Lukuslu, and Cemre Zekiroglu Chapter 14. Necessity and Dilemmas of a Wide Notion of Youth Participation. European Perspectives; Axel Pohl and Andreas Walther Chapter 15. (Not a) Conclusion; Grainne McMahon, Harriet Rowley, and Janet Batsleer, with Elaine Morrison
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