Rule of Law in China

By (author) Eva Pils

ISBN13: 9781509941568

Imprint: Hart Publishing

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC



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What has replaced liberal conceptions of the rule of law in China’s emerging legal-political order? How are liberal rule of law ideas and practices based on domestic and international law enduring among officials, legal practitioners, civil society advocates and other citizens whose lives are touched by the ‘political-legal system’? What are the implications of the changes as a result of the answers to these two questions, not only for domestic, but also for global and transnational rule of law? This book provides the reader with answers to these questions and in doing provides a fresh perspective on the internal dynamics of the struggle for the rule of law as it plays out domestically in China and the future of the Chinese legal-political system. Giving China’s rising influence in the world, it will inform the global debate about the role of law in other countries, and will help us assess the chances of survival of the institutions currently supporting the rule of law at the international level.
Table of contents Introduction: The precarity of law in China’s Party-State order Chapter 1: Law under a doctrine of unity of powers Chapter 2: The evolution of rule of law discourse Chapter 3: The legal process and limitations of access to justice Chapter 4: Rule of law promotion from in- and outside ‘the system’ Chapter 5: Lawlessness and dual state revival Chapter 6: International law and global governance ‘with Chinese characteristics’ Conclusion
  • Comparative law
  • Constitutional & administrative law
  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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