Social Work's Histories of Complicity and Resistance
A Tale of Two Professions

Edited by Vasilios Ioakimidis,Aaron Wyllie

ISBN13: 9781447364283

Imprint: Policy Press

Publisher: Bristol University Press

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 01/04/2023

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Social work is often presented as a benevolent and politically neutral profession, avoiding discussion about its sometimes troubling political histories. This book rethinks social work's legacy and history of both political resistance and complicity with oppressive and punitive practices. Using a comparative approach with international case studies, the book uncovers the role of social workers in politically tense episodes of recent history including the anti-racist struggle in the US and the impact of colonialism in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. As the de-colonisation of curricula and Black Lives Matter movement gain momentum, the fascinating book skilfully navigates social work's collective political past while considering its future.
Part 1: Making Amends With the Past 1. Learning From the Past To Shape the Future: Uncovering Social Work's Histories of Complicity and Resistance - Vasilios Ioakimidis and Aaron Wyllie Part 2: Legacies of Colonialism and Racism in Social Work 2. Canadian Social Work and the "Sixties Scoop": Reflections on the Past, Lessons for Today - Filipe Duarte and Patrick Selmi 3. Reconciling Systemic Abuse of Children and Young Women With Social Work's Commitment to a Human Rights, Transformative Practice - Carolyn Noble 4. The Oppressive History of "Child Welfare" Systems and the Need for Abolition - Alan J. Dettlaff and Victoria Copeland 5. Colonial and Apartheid South Africa: Social Work Complicity and Resistance - Linda Harms-Smith and Yasmin Turton Part 3: Social Work's Contested Ideologies 6. Social Services in Nazi Germany and the Role of Social Workers Between Complicity and Rare Resistance - Carola Kuhlmann 7. Social Assistance in Franco's Fascist Spain (1939-1975): A History of Social Control, Family Segregation and Stolen Babies - Maria Ines Martinez Herrero 8. Social Work in Times of Political Violence: Dictatorships and Acts of Resistance From the Southern Cone - Gianinna Munoz-Arce and Melisa Campana-Alabarce 9. Trade Union Mobilisation, Resistance and Political Action of Social Workers in Portugal - Pedro Gabriel and Alcina Martins 10. The Radical Roots of Popular Social Work in Palestine - Michael Lavalette Part 4: Social Work's Complicity With Institutionalisation and Detention 11. Institutionalisation and Oppression Within the Mental Health System in England: Social Work Complicity and Resistance - Rich Moth 12. A Refugee Crisis or a Crisis of Anti-Immigrant Politics? Hostile Refugee Reception, the Pandemic and New Solidarities in Cyprus - Nicos Trimikliniotis and Vassilis Tsianos 13. Institutionalisation of Certain Children and Mothers in Ireland: Reflections on the 'Troubled History' of Child Welfare Social Work - Caroline McGregor Part 5: Survivor Perspectives and Contemporary Reflections 14. Facing the Legacy of Social Work: Coming to Terms With Complicity in Systemic Inequality and Social Injustice - Bob Pease 15. "We Want Social Workers To Hear Our Story": Learning From Parents Whose Children Were Taken Away - Guy Shennan 16. Decolonisation and Critical Social Work Pedagogies - Caroline Bald and Akudo Amadiegwu 17. Adoption Social Work Practice in Ireland: Critical Reflections on Present-Day Injustices - Claire McGettrick
  • Social services & welfare, criminology
  • Ethical issues & debates
  • Social work
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