Managing Global Sport Events
Logistics and Coordination

By (author) Nico Schulenkorf,Stephen Frawley,David M. Herold,Greg Joachim

ISBN13: 9781802620429

Imprint: Emerald Publishing Limited

Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited

Format: Hardback

Published: 19/10/2022

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Logistics are a critical element in the planning and realization of any large-scale event. Managing Global Sport Events: Logistics and Coordination provides a critical look behind the scenes of these large-scale sport events by combining the previously separate but inextricably bound areas of sport, logistics and coordination management. The coordination and logistics activities behind global sports events such as the Olympic Games or Formula 1 Championships are unparalleled, but have largely been ignored by scholars around the world. Managing Global Sport Events presents the latest developments in this intriguing area of study, offering insights from a team of experts across sport, event, and logistics management. This first volume of the ground-breaking Sports Management series enters unchartered territory and advances our inter-disciplinary knowledge across sport, event and logistics studies, informing both contemporary sport management theory and practice.
Chapter 1. A Look Behind the Scenes of Global Sport Events: Delivering the Show - Literally! Chapter 2. The Role of Logistics in and for Global Sport Events Chapter 3. Constructing a Logistics Framework for Global Sport Events Chapter 4. Formula One Logistics: A Look Behind the Scenes Chapter 5. Coordination and Sport Mega-Events Chapter 6. Mitigating Risk at Major Sport Events: The Role of Test Events Chapter 7. Human-Centred Design Thinking as a Framework for Sport Event Coordination Chapter 8. The Future of Sports Logistics and Coordination
  • Events management industries
  • Sports management & facilities
  • Sporting venues
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