Our Problem, Our Path
Collective Antiracism for White People

By (author) Ali Michael,Eleonora Bartoli

ISBN13: 9781071851326

Imprint: SAGE Publications Inc

Publisher: SAGE Publications Inc

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 14/11/2022

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Our Problem, Our Path Collective Anti-Racism for White People Ali Michael, Eleonora Bartoli Our Problem, Our Path invites White people to start moving on the path toward a more equitable multiracial society for all.
Part 1: Our Journeys Prologue About this Book Ali's Journey Eleonora's Journey Part 2: Seeing Ourselves Clearly in the Here and Now Chapter 1 : Racism Is a White Person's Problem Internal Work: Anti-Racism in a Human Body Chapter 2: The Myths Internal Work: To act, you must pause Chapter 3: What White People Learn About Race Internal Work: Priming Chapter 4: Now We Know What Not to Say. What Do We Say? Internal Work: Empathy Is Our Superpower Chapter 5: Can White Anti-Racist People Feel Proud of Being White? Internal Work: Stereotype Threat Chapter 6: Who Is White... and Why? Internal Work: "But it's not fair" Part 3: Who We Will Be as the Racial Hierarchy Falls Chapter 7: Taking Feedback and Using It Wisely Internal Work: On Racial Competence and Moral Injury Chapter 8:Talking to Other White People about Race Internal Work: Healing Ourselves Chapter 9: Creating and Sustaining White Anti-racist Learning Spaces Internal Work: Training for Courage Chapter 10: Taking Action
  • Social law
  • Multicultural education
  • Professional & Vocational
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