Consumer Protection in Asia

Edited by Geraint Howells,Hans-W Micklitz,Andre Janssen,Professor Hans-W Micklitz,Dr Mateja Durovic

ISBN13: 9781509957538

Imprint: Hart Publishing

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Format: Hardback

Published: 25/08/2022

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This book looks at the consumer protection offered in a range of Asian countries, for example China, Japan, and South Korea in key areas such as consumer sales law, unfair terms, product liability, and unfair commercial practices. However, it is interesting to note that consumer protection is on the rise everywhere and to compare how this differs depending upon the legal cultures. It is also fascinating to reflect on the influence of models for law reform such as the EU laws. ASEAN has also affected the development of consumer policy for its member states. The book takes the form of national reports which explain the development of the law and also shed light on how the law works in practice. The book also contains thematic reports which look at each area of the law from a comparative perspective. Commentators from around the globe reflect on their impression of Asian consumer law based on their own differing legal systems and benchmarks. A must-read for anyone with an interest in consumer law in Asia and beyond, this book will form the basis of further research and discussion internationally.
  • Comparative law
  • Consumer protection law
  • Professional & Vocational
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