Statistics for Statistics for Business & Economics, Global Edition + MyLab Statistics with Pearson eText (14 ed)

By (author) Terry Sincich,P. Benson,James McClave

ISBN13: 9781292413389

Imprint: Pearson Education Limited

Publisher: Pearson Education Limited

Format: Mixed media product

Published: 24/10/2022

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For courses in Introductory Business Statistics. Real data. Real decisions. Real business. Statistics for Business and Economics by McClave, Benson,and Sincich introduces statistics in the context of contemporarybusiness. Inference is emphasized, with extensive coverageof data collection and analysis as needed to evaluate the reported results ofstatistical studies and make good decisions. The authorsapply concepts with real data. Technology isused to help students develop statistical thinking andunderstand the assessment of credibility and the value ofthe inferences made from data - both by those who consume and bythose who produce them. The 14th Edition continuesto highlight the discussion of ethical, data driven decision making.
1. Statistics, Data, and Statistical Thinking 2. Methods for Describing Sets of Data 3. Probability 4. Random Variables and Probability Distributions 5. Sampling Distributions 6. Inferences Based on a Single Sample: Estimation with ConfidenceIntervals 7. Inferences Based on a Single Sample: Tests of Hypotheses 8. Inferences Based on Two Samples: Confidence Intervals and Testsof Hypotheses 9. Design of Experiments and Analysis of Variance 10. Categorical Data Analysis 11. Simple Linear Regression 12. Multiple Regression and Model Building 13. Methods for Quality Improvement: Statistical Process Control(Available Online) 14. Time Series: Descriptive Analyses, Models, and Forecasting(Available Online) 15. Nonparametric Statistics (Available Online) Appendix A: Summation Notation Appendix B: Basic Counting Rules Appendix C: Calculation Formulas for Analysis of Variance C.1 Formulas for the Calculationsin the Completely Randomized Design C.2 Formulas for the Calculationsin the Randomized Block Design C.3 Formulas for the Calculationsfor a Two-Factor Factorial Experiment C.4 Tukey's Multiple ComparisonsProcedure (Equal Sample Sizes) C.5 Bonferroni MultipleComparisons Procedure (Pairwise Comparisons) C.6 Scheffe's MultipleComparisons Procedure (Pairwise Comparisons) Appendix D: Tables Answers to Selected Exercises Index Credits
  • Business mathematics & systems
  • Economic statistics
  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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