Psychology and Social Media
Becoming Digital

By (author) Ciaran MC Mahon

ISBN13: 9781138292703

Imprint: Routledge

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Format: Paperback / softback

Published: 31/12/2023

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This book explores and critiques the psychology of social media over the past decade, and analyses treatment of social media within a scientific framework and historical context. In examining the subjective experience of being on social media services by interpreting research from various areas of psychology, this interdisciplinary work addresses psychological, sociological, philosophical, anthropological, and legal implications of social media usage. It predicts future trends and examines how social media as a developing phenomenon will continue to shape our lives, making it an ideal resource for students taking cyberpsychology courses and modules, as well as wider psychology courses.
Part I. The logic of social media Chapter 1. Theorising social media Chapter 2. Contextualising social media Chapter 3. Defining social media Chapter 4. Analysing social media Part II. The psyche of social media Chapter 5. Interpreting social media Chapter 6. Developing through social media Chapter 7. Identifying with social media Chapter 8. Socialising on social media Chapter 9. Individualizing social media Chapter 10. Pathologizing social media Conclusion
  • Psychology
  • Psychological theory & schools of thought
  • Social, group or collective psychology
  • Groups & group theory
  • Postgraduate, Research & Scholarly
  • Undergraduate
  • Tertiary Education (US: College)
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